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About Solidarity Films

Directors - Editors - Storytellers

Based in Los Angeles, Solidarity Films tells authentic stories about women through documentary films, series, and branded content. 


Amy Rosner has been editing, writing, and directing documentaries for the past 7 years. She edited and wrote the 2017 Oscar shortlisted documentary, The Other Side of Home, as well as the Emmy award-winning documentary series, Wonder Women.  She has worked on a wide variety of documentary films and series in both linear and VR, as well as had films play in top festivals around the world.

Jillian Corsie is an experienced and accomplished documentary director and editor. Her debut feature documentary, Trichster,  sold out screenings at it’s premiere at the Soho International Film Festival, and helped her win her Best Young Filmmaker in 2015. She has worked in New York and Los Angeles at a variety of boutique post-production shops for the past 6 years.

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